Megan’s Comeback from Corona Video: Hospitality Reopening for Indoor Dining.

  • 16/05/2021
  • Multiple Locations

Megan’s Comeback from Corona Video.


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Hospitality Reopening for Indoor Dining.

Our ‘comeback from corona video’ highlights the importance of hospitality in our lives. Now that we are able to reopen our doors for inside dining (on Monday 17th May), please do pop by to support us, even if just for a coffee!

Restaurants are now allowed to open their indoor spaces for up to 6 people from mixed households or up to 10 people from 2 households. We are also now able to accept weddings of up to 30 people inside. We are also now allowed to accept up to 30 people in our outside spaces.

You can read what we are doing to keep you safe here.


About our comeback from corona video.

The past year has been so difficult for so many industries, & hospitality has been no exception here. Many small businesses have had to close their doors permanently, which is absolutely devastating to hear. We really need our communities to come together, as they are so great at doing, to support small, local restaurants, bars & pubs.

We wanted to create something that captured the essence of what hospitality is really about, as it is so much more than just eating & drinking out. Hospitality is about the memories we create together & the time we spend with our loved ones.

So please help to save our industry by supporting your neighbourhood restaurants, bars & pubs.


Thank you from the Megan’s family!

Thank you so much in advance for reading & we really hope that you enjoyed the video! We hope to see you very soon for some indoor dining.

You can book a table here.

Loads & loads of love from the Megan’s family xx


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