Corona Safety Measures London: Megan’s

  • 08/07/2020
  • Multiple Locations

Corona Safety Measures London: Megan’s

Corona Safety Measures London: At Megan’s, your safety & our team’s safety are of our utmost priority. This is so that you can enjoy dining with us in a safe environment, whilst also feeling like things are a little bit closer to being back to normal.


Following government guidelines:

  • We are taking bookings of up to 6 people maximum in our outdoor areas until 17th May. You can also book up to 15 max for weddings, wakes or funerals.
  • From 17th May, we are taking tables of up to 6 people inside. Up to 30 for weddings, wakes or funerals indoors. You can also have up to 30 people outside.
  • From 21st June, we resume normal services. This is providing the government says it is safe to do so.

We are so sorry but we cannot offer you multiple tables in the restaurant. The government say it isn’t allowed & we can’t risk getting in to trouble after such a long time of not trading!


Corona Safety Measures London.

We have summarised a few key corona safety measures that we are taking below. Alternatively, you can click here to read our full risk assessment. The full assessment details everything that we are doing… In quite a bit of detail 🙂

You can see the full government guidelines for restaurants here.



  • We have developed a new online menu with images & dietary requirement filters. We wanted our online menus to be as user friendly as possible. Do please send any feedback if you have any.
  • We are using this online solution as our single-use menus were proving wasteful!


Team: Corona Safety Measures.

  • All team members complete a health questionnaire before the start of every shift.
  • Reallocation of team. Team members, where possible, will work in a restaurant that is close to their home. This is so that they can walk or cycle to work.
  • All team wash their hands thoroughly every 30 minutes.
  • All team wear masks. They will be 1 metre away from your table where possible. Team are not to lean over any tables when clearing. To help us with this, please do pass your plates down to the end where you can 🙂
  • Our team are not to touch one another, or you. And we have advised our team not to pet any of your pups, so we are sorry about this! Hopefully we can have some puppy cuddles again soon!
  • Our team work back to back where possible. This refers to the kitchen & at the deli.


Track & trace

  • On arrival, we need you to log in to either the NHS track & trace, or to our guest wifi. The wifi name is ‘Megan’s Guest’. Please do this for us as this is how we will get in contact with you for track & trace. Our wifi is GDPR-compliant & a quick & easy way for us to get in touch with you if we need to!
  • This is so so helpful to us so we really appreciate you taking your time to do this! It saves us jotting down your information, which is rather time consuming, can allow for mistakes & isn’t overly GDPR-friendly! Plus, if you tick the box that says you would like to receive our marketing, we give you a bottle of Prosecco on your birthday! If you don’t tick this box, we will ONLY contact you about track & trace if necessary. You’re amazing 🙂


Tables & layout

  • We have been hard at work spacing our tables out so that they are all 1-2 metres apart minimum. We have around 60-80% of covers left at our restaurants.
  • Because of the spacing, this does mean that we have limited space in the restaurant & so we are getting booked up quite quickly. Please book early to guarantee a table.
  • We will require all guests that are waiting for tables to queue outside – so sorry! And, if you are seated outside & the weather changes, we will not be able to seat you inside so please think about this. You may need to dress warm & bring your brolly unfortunately.


Disinfecting (lots of…)

  • We have hand santiser at all entrances, exits & loos. Please make sure you wash your hands & sanitise. Our team are doing this every 30 minutes.
  • Our tables are set up with just salt & pepper grinders at the moment. The table & grinders are disinfected after every table sitting. We then bring over thoroughly cleaned cutlery & glasses for you so that you are guaranteed that nobody has touched them before you sit down.
  • Our door handles & contact surfaces are also disinfected every 30 minutes.
  • We clean team rooms every hour.


If you do have any questions at all then please do not hesitate to drop me an email on & we will answer them as best we can 🙂


We hope that you keep very well & we will hopefully see you soon xx

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