FREE 30-minute Health Coaching Session

What exactly is Health & Wellness Coaching?

 Many people want/need to make lifestyle changes to help them thrive and lead fulfilled lives. Lots of information is available about how to do this – for example, what to eat, how to exercise, how to sleep better, or how to manage stress. Despite this wealth of information, very few people manage to make and sustain their desired changes. And if family/career demands are unrelenting, or if a life/health crisis is added to the mix, then things can just seem overwhelming.

Health & Wellness research has been looking for ways to help people cope, take stock of where they are, and make a plan to move forward to a healthier, happier level of living. Combining the results of scientific research with behaviour change psychology and advancing neuroscience findings, a whole new process for helping people make health changes has emerged.

“It is this process that I work alongside a client to optimise. The sessions are NOT therapy/consultancy. Instead, the client and I become ‘allies’ to identify and realise goals. I help provide strategy, structure, support and accountability. And we both bring commitment and energy to the process.” Gemma Frankland

Gemma will be offering free sessions to Megan’s guests at Balham. To find out more, about Health Coaching and Gemma’s credentials, visit

Booking in advance is a must as session spaces are limited. To reserve your session, contact Gemma directly on 07939 276544 or at


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