Wedding venue Islington: A dreamy location to be discovered

  • 09/06/2020
  • Islington

Wedding venue Islington: A dreamy location.


Why hire our wedding venue in Islington?

Our wedding venue in Islington is the perfect spot to host a wedding. You will have an incredibly special day.

The lovely team at Megan’s will make sure your celebration is wonderful. We LOVE decorations and would LOVE to build you a tower of our famous gorgeous, gooey brownies for your very special occasion!

Our bespoke menus allow for all sorts of different appetites. Whether it’s a finger food, standing event, or a more sophisticated style of dining, we can do any of the above and oh so much more!

Why not click here to discover the range of menus available for private hire?


Where can you find us?

Our beautiful venue is in the Islinton sorting office, right in the heart of Islington! The location makes all things easy with travel! We are situated in the middle of both Highbury & Islington, and Angel underground station.

The sorting office is within close proximity to Islington Town Hall! This means you won’t need to walk very far to continue your celebrations at Megan’s at the Sorting Office.

Our exact location is:  6 Esther Anne Pl, Islington, London N1 1WL.

Click to see where we are on Google Maps and for further directions.



The bespoke, handmade furniture at Megan’s creates a truly magical Mediterranean setting. Megan’s is so dreamy by day and by night.

Our main dining area in Islington has lots of fairy lights and hanging bamboo lights. You will be capture the most gorgeous wedding photos for a day never wanted to be forgotten!

Megan’s always love when our guests have a personal touch. So please DO feel free to decorate your special area with ample decorations! We also love sparkly lights and balloons…


What’s on the menu?

Here at Megan’s a variety of both foodie and drink options are available for your unique wedding occasion.

We have a dedicated, hardworking team at our restaurant. Our team are also very happy to change the menu to cater for individual needs…whatever these may be.

Not to forget the splendid array of cocktails we can offer! There must be a reason we’ve been voted as having the best espresso martini in London! Plus, we are also the most romantic restaurant in London according to Lux London!

The wonderful bartenders also make a fantastic selection of Gin & Tonics too! The Chelsea Gardener is a top favourite. Or perhaps a Margarita for the wild ones!

Click here for more info on our drinks list (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)


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