Good restaurants in Islington

  • 17/03/2020
  • Islington

Good restaurants in Islington: Megan’s at the Sorting Office


Good restaurants in Islington: Megan’s is a neighbourhood cafe and restaurant, with a loosely Mediterranean menu. We are open all day every day! Serving brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails and parties.

You can check out our full daytime and evening menus here. Or you can scroll down to check out some of our delicious new items on our brunch menu, with vegan and gluten free options available too!

Our new Islington restaurant is in Islington Square. You can find us at Megan’s at the Sorting Office, 6 Esther Anne Place, Islington, London, N1 1WL.

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The Turkish Breakfast Feast


Our new sharing breakfast, which is also available for large parties. Shakshouka baked eggs, Turkish cheese fondue, sucuk ‘Turkish chorizo’, Turkish chopped salad, smashed avocado, harissa hummus, Kalamatza olives, halva cream, blueberry compote, served with flat bread and Organic seven seeded sourdough.


Good restaurants in Islington -Turkish breakfast feast megan's brunch



Scrambled Turmeric Tofu


Turmeric infused tofu, scrambled in a skillet with peppers, spring onions, smashed avocado and also chilli flakes. Served with seven seeded Organic sourdough bread. This dish is very yummy and very vegan. Plus if you opt for gluten free bread, it’s gluten free too.


megan's scrambled turmeric tofu - good restaurants in islington



Vegan Pancakes


Delicious vegan pancakes made with oats and banana, then layered with banana and topped with maple syrup, chia yoghurt and pistachios.


good restaurants in islington - megan's


We have also now launched vegan chicken on both our daytime and evening menus!


We have launched both a plant based ‘chckn’ open kebab and a plant based ‘chckn’ deconstructed kebab. Available from 11.30am until close at all of our restaurants.

Pictured below is our Plant Based ‘Chckn’ Deconstructed Kebab, served in a spicy tomato shakshouka, piri piri sauce and also coconut yoghurt, served with doughy flat bread. This is vegan and can also be gluten free if you swap the flat bread for gluten free bread.


megan's plant based chckn vegan chicken deconstructed kebab good restaurants in islington where to eat
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