Fitness classes in Fulham: Unlimited classes for £60

  • 09/01/2022
  • Multiple Locations

Fitness Classes in Fulham: BarreFly Local Barre Studio in Parsons Green, Fulham.

First month of unlimited classes for £60 (info at bottom of page).

Fitness classes in Fulham: We love supporting small local businesses & BarreFly is a barre studio that is both very close to our Kings Road homes & also, close to our hearts too.

Nesse, the founder of BarreFly, is a local instructor & Megan’s regular, who decided to open her own barre studio in one of the covid lockdowns. This was as a result of our favourite local studio, Slice Fitness in Parsons Green, having to unfortunately permanently shut its doors in 2020. Nesse was an instructor at Slice Fitness & from the support of her clients & with her fiery tenacity, she opened her own studio in 2021!

The studio is charming, well decorated & offers boutique classes, without the cliquey-ness of some of the larger studios.


About Nesse’s barre studio & classes.

Barre classes are available every day at BarreFly, with both morning & evening classes. You can view the full schedule on her timetable here.

The classes are challenging, but also fun…  Leaving you with a serious burn.

There are three class formats at BarreFly & they welcome all abilities & levels. There are:

Barre: This is a classic format, with the burn & quiver that you expect from barre classes.

Bend: A slower format, which takes inspiration from yoga, pilates & also, ballet. It involves lots of stretching (but still leaves you feeling like you’ve done a good workout).

Bounce: A faster paced class, with more cardio & sweat involved.


Personal training & nutrition.

Nesse also offers a range of personal training sessions, nutritional bespoke packages & instructor training courses.

This includes her 12 weeks to well-nesse package, where you get money back for completing your weekly sessions & ultimately, losing weight.

You can read more about the 12 weeks to well-nesse here.

Plans & pricing: Unlimited fitness classes in Fulham for £60.

Nesse offers the first month of unlimited classes for £60 & thereafter, it’s £175 for unlimited classes per month.

Or if you would like to buy packs of classes, you can do so.

You can view all of her pricing tiers & sign up here.

Or if you have some further questions, you can email Nesse here or you can also give her a bell here.

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