Wednesday Kebab Night

On Wednesday evenings enjoy one of our famous ‘posh kebabs’ & bottle of beer or a glass of house wine for 16.

In case you have not tried one of our kebabs, then here is a little explanation on the two types…

Open Kebab: Served on one of our delicious doughy flatbreads & spread with a hearty layer of harissa hummus & aubergine & tomato ‘bayildi’ for moisture & a spicy kick. We then add pickled mixed vegetables & pickled red cabbage & top with your choice of the following:

Overnight braised lamb shoulder w/ feta & pistachio

Spicy chicken w/ peanut dukkah

Grilled halloumi w/ pomegranate

Vegan chorizo w/ pine nuts & roquito


Deconstructed Kebab: Sauce-based w/ a spicy tomato shakshouka, these kebabs come served in a hot skillet & a side of our flatbread. With the following options:

Chilli chicken w/ piri piri & tzatziki

Quinoa falafel & cauliflower w/ pistachio & coconut yoghurt

Prawn & sujuk ‘Turkish chorizo’ w/ melted cheddar

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