We are closed until further notice!

  • 20/03/2020
  • All Locations

The fat lady has sung and so with immediate effect we will be closing our doors!⁠

We told our team that we would stay open as long as we were allowed to so that we could give them hours. ⁠

We have kept 230 people in employment for at least another week and paid out £55,000 in wages to our in-site teams. We have made a loss, but we are proud that we stood by them. ⁠

Thank you SO much to everyone who supported us while we remained open – you have been amazing in your support of our little independent business. It has been truly heartwarming to see and we have shed many tears 💙⁠

When we are allowed to reopen, we want to be able to give the team full hours as soon as we can so please come back and support us on the other side!⁠

We will keep you updated with opening hours on our Instagram and our website pop up!

We will be giving out any perishables to NHS, uniformed services and key workers from 8pm-8.30pm this evening, so please pop down with a bag.⁠

We may open soon for delivery so watch this space!⁠

See you on the flipside! Time for a drink…⁠

Love from the Megan’s team xxxx

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