Restaurants near Battersea Park

  • 15/05/2019
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Restaurants near Battersea Park.

restaurants near battersea park

Megan’s has opened its newest and most beautiful restaurant at the iconic Battersea Power Station. Megan’s restaurant is the most romantic restaurant in London. Timeout says: ‘filthily delicious food in a magical setting’. Timeout also say: ‘if instagram made restaurants, it would have made Megan’s’.

The restaurant offers all day dining ranging from its famous morning brunch, to healthy salads at lunch, and their famous posh kebabs and also mezze platters in the evening. Finish up with THE half-baked cookie dough, which is as delicious and naughty as it sounds… The cookie dough is half-baked in a skillet and stuffed with gooey melted Nutella. It is then topped with salted caramel ice cream, pistachios and then also drizzled with honey. The restaurant is famous for this dish and you simply cannot leave the restaurant without trying it.

Restaurants near Battersea Park: How to get there.

The restaurant is right on the river at the Battersea Power Station and is just a stones throw from Battersea Park. From Battersea Park you follow the path under the bridge towards Battersea Power Station and the restaurant is just on your right at Circus West Village. It is right next to Wright Brothers and No.29 at the Power Station.

Restaurants near Battersea Park: Where to sit

The restaurant is beautiful with tons of fairy lights and blossom flowers in true Megan’s style. Plus, there is a real tree in the middle that you can admire whilst dining. Check out some pictures here. With gorgeous booth seating options too, which are also laden in fairy lights! If you are a group of 4 to 6 people then request to sit in one of the booths!

The restaurant is totally dog friendly so make sure you bring your pooch along for cuddles! There are dog beds (more like thrones), dog bowls and even dog biscuits so your dog can enjoy too.

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