Pre-Theatre Menu Islington: Restaurants near Almeida Theatre

  • 13/07/2020
  • Islington

Pre-Theatre Menu Islington: Restaurants near Almeida Theatre.


Megan’s pre-theatre menu in Islington & Angel.

Pre-theatre menu Islington: Megan’s restaurant is very near to the Almeida Theatre. Megan’s is perfect for a quick pre-theatre meal. Megan’s (at the sorting office) Islington is our newest addition to the Megan’s family. Our Islington restaurant is our first site to venture out of South West London. Very exciting!

Almeida Theatre is located within just a minutes walk from Megan’s Islington. This makes us an amazing spot to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the theatre. Even better, with the new early bird offer menu (see more information below), you can eat a delicious Mediterranean meal for just ÂŁ9.50!


Our menu.

The cuisine at Megan’s is typically Mediterranean. Our wonderful creations are designed by our Executive Chef, Sercan. Sercan is from Turkey… Hence the Mediterranean influence!

A typical day at Megan’s may start with a fresh, organic coffee and a delicious Megan’s all day brunch. From 11.30am, enjoy a light lunch, offered by our selections from the deli bar.

The evening menu starts from 5pm. You can choose to indulge in the AMAZING, gooey cheese fondue and also, other yummy options. Try our posh lamb kebab or Sercan’s Turkish steak and chips. Trust us, they are SO good!


Cokertme Turkish Steak & Chips - Turkish Cheese Fondue - restaurants near the almeida theatre where to eat islington and angel - megan's

Megan’s have recently launched two fantastic offers. We have our Early bird offer & also, a happy hour! The early bird offer is available Monday & Tuesday all evening. It is also available from Wednesday to Friday 5-7pm. The menu includes a range of healthy options from grills, to hummus bowls & delicious shakshouka and also posh kebabs!

The early bird menu is an ideal option for a quick, early supper before heading to a performance at the Almeida Theatre. The early bird menu is a fantastic pre-theatre menu in Islington. Plus it’s delicious… Although we might be a little biased 🙂

You can find our full early bird and also our happy hour menus here.


Our location.

Megan’s Islington is in an amazing location. It is just a 10 minute walk from both Angel and also Highbury & Islington underground station.

We are exactly a 1 minute walk way from Almeida theatre. This makes us the perfect spot for pre-theatre suppers, and also cocktails!

You can find us on google maps here.

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